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Lafont Paris:

Parisian chic sophisticated and elegant, a high-end fashion collection for both men and women. The Lafont Paris collection gives Chief Designer Thomas Lafont carte blanche on creativity using only premium materials such as Certified Swarovski Crystals, carbon fiber, titanium and exclusive Lafont acetate.

Lafont Réédition:

Considered the DNA of the Lafont brand, the Reedition collection is full of smart vintage designs.  Established in 1923 Lafont takes inspiration from iconic styles of the past and reinvents them with contemporary hues and materials.

Lafont Issy & La:

Fashion forward and on trend the Lafont Issy & LA collection offers vibrant colors and fun silhouettes.  Made from acetate and stainless steel the Issy & LA collection exudes casual cool for the young and young at heart.

Lafont pour les enfants:

Designed specifically for children 6 months to 12 years of age, the Lafont Pour Les Enfants or Lafont for Kids collection is designed to cater children’s specific tastes and physical features.