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Martin & Martin

Founded in 1997 by Martin Lehmann and Martin Stempel, the company was originally involved only in sales. In 1999, Martin Lehmann helped an artist from Cologne to produce a limited edition of his original Pince-nez. After that it was a small step to creating their own collection.

The first Martin & Martin collection, a very urban series using only white, black and transparent materials, was presented at the 2000 opticians trade fair in Paris.

A combination of charismatic design and extremely high quality, 100% Made in Germany. Success was not far behind. Fans of the collection snapped it up in cities across Europe. Developments in shape and colour followed. Unconventional shapes such as Xaver (Design Award Tokyo 2004) are as much a part of the story as the timeless classics like “Paul” (which first appeared in 2000), which has been successful for over 10 years.