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Radiofrequency Therapy (RF)

Radiofrequency Therapy (RF) is a safe and effective in-office treatment for dry eyes. During the procedure, RF delivers high frequency electrical current to the skin in order to generate heat and stimulate the production of collagen.

This therapy not only melts the thick oil secretions, unclogging the meibomian gland and improving the quality of tears, but also reduces any inflammation around your eyes that may be contributing to your dry eyes.

How Does RF Treatment Work?

During the procedure, your eye doctor will use a RF handheld device to gently massage around your eye using a soothing gel. This sends the electrical current into your skin and creates a warming sensation.

The RF treatment causes no pain or discomfort, and takes on average 30 minutes to complete.

After Your RF Treatment

While certain patients notice immediate improvements in their dry eye symptoms, it generally takes a series of treatments to experience a noticeable change.

Following the treatment, you may experience blurred vision for several days. There is no reason for concern, as it indicates that the meibomian oil glands in your eyelids are expressing more oil than your eyes are accustomed to.

Aside from this, no downtime is required and you should be able to return to your daily activities right after the treatment.

How is RF Different From Other Dry Eye Treatments?

Standard dry eye treatments, such as eye drops, artificial tears, hot compresses, and eyelid scrubs, aim to temporarily relieve symptoms instead of treating the root cause of the condition. RF is unique in that it targets the source, the eyelid’s lids oil glands — enabling them to secrete soothing oils naturally and resume their moisturizing function.

This not only relieves symptoms but acts at the source of the dry eyes – to provide long lasting relief.

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