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Sports Vision Enhancement

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No matter the sport, every athlete relies on their eyes to perform at their best. But in some cases, you may want to improve aspects of your vision to make sure you’re bringing your A-game to every game.

With our sports vision enhancement programs, we can train a range of visual skills to help you reach your full potential on the court, field, ice, and beyond. All you have to do is set up an appointment with our team, and we will get to work developing a vision training plan built for you and your needs.

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Sports vision enhancement is a training program designed by our doctors that helps improve the visual skills you use while playing sports. Some of these skills include:

Eye-Tracking & Movement

Eye-tracking is how you “keep your eye on the ball.” By observing certain types of eye-tracking abilities, like saccadic, smooth pursuit, and vergence movements, we can determine how efficient your eyes are at keeping up with moving objects.

  • Saccadic eye movements: These are your fast eye movements, which can help you change your fixation rapidly to other points of interest.
  • Slower smooth pursuit eye movements: These movements can help you keep track of objects that are moving or if you’re in motion.
  • Vergence movements: This is the ability to track objects as they move closer or further away from you.


If you have any accommodative, or focusing, inefficiencies, you may find it difficult to maintain clear vision. We can help train your eyes to improve your focusing ability.

When you focus on a distant object, ciliary muscles around your lens are relaxed, keeping the lens relaxed as well. However, focusing on something up close contracts the ciliary muscles and expands the shape of your lens, helping you see more clearly.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Out of all the skills you have, hand-eye coordination may be one of the most important for any athlete. Hand-eye coordination makes dribbling a ball, catching a frisbee, or shooting a puck accurate and efficient.

Depth Perception

No matter the sport, you need to navigate safely through the spaces you’re in. Depth perception helps you determine how close or far away things are from you, making it a crucial ability in your athlete toolkit.


Every sports vision enhancement program looks a little different depending on your needs. Before you can start treatment, we will perform an eye exam before developing your treatment plan.

Some athletes may start to see noticeable differences in their visual skills in as little as a few months, but some people may have to have treatment for a couple of years before they start seeing improvements.

Like many of our vision therapy services, we will use a range of leading-edge tools to help your vision achieve its potential.

Some of the most common tools we use include:

  • Therapeutic eyeglass lenses
  • Prismatic lenses either incorporated within your prescription eyewear or worn in conjunction during various activities or tasks
  • Filters
  • Balance boards
  • Computer programs and technology designed to stimulate and enhance the visual system