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Meet Joanne, a passionate Registered Optician with a heart for children and a wealth of experience in education.

Her profound understanding of optical solutions empowers her to guide individuals towards the perfect eyewear choices, ensuring not only impeccable vision but also a sense of confidence and style.

Whether you're a seasoned eyewear connoisseur or a novice seeking guidance, Joanne's wealth of knowledge is poised to provide the ideal eyewear solution for your unique needs.

With a background steeped in nurturing young minds, Joanne brings a unique perspective to her role in the world of optics. Beyond her professional expertise, she is a devoted mother of two, seamlessly blending her love for eyecare with her natural affinity for guiding and supporting the youngest members of our community.

Beyond the realm of optics, she loves to travel with her family, exploring new horizons. And when she's not tending to lenses or exploring new places, Joanne channels her creativity into crafting exquisite handmade soaps.